Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mallory is a bear!


i have been super busy as the semester winds down :( i did at least get to shop around after my french visa appointment in san francisco. i got this hat at h&m this yesterday because our apartment is unbelievably cold! i even slept in it last night haha.


h&m hat | men's sweater and scarf | DIY shorts | american apparel tights | steve madden platforms | marc by marc jacobs bag

Friday, November 26, 2010

Whitney needs a haircut.

(AA skirt, modified h&m shirt, UO hat and tights, zara shoes)

Mallory is "braidzilla," so I guess I'm "bangs-zilla?" haha

I've had side-swept bangs for a long time and when I first came to college, my friends remembered me as the girl with bangs. I've only recently been clipping them up because they've become too long!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm so glad to be home, but I'm spending the rest of break studying for an upcoming lab practical :(

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

mallory is little blue riding hood

so i have been wanting a cape for a long time, and i finally found this perfect one at zara! it is now my favorite item in my closet :)

by the way, i don't know if you have noticed, but i am a bit of a braidzilla...i pretty much wear some sort of braid in my hair almost everyday. the weirdest thing happened in french class the other day. my french professor gave all my papers to this other girl in my class, and even called this girl by my name. this girl doesn't look anything like me, she is even blonde. my professor explained that she got confused because this girl was wearing a braid in her hair, and i always have a braid in my hair...apparently this is a defining characteristic of my appearance haha.

anyway, i hope you all have lovely thanksgivings! i plan to eat a TON of mashed potatoes (my favie!)


Zara cape | H&M sweater | Thrifted pants | Steve Madden heels

Sunday, November 21, 2010

mallory is sick :(

this week i have been sick, and even had to skip some classes :(. so i went home this weekend to see my family and recover. i have heard that dogs help people heal faster, and i definitely feel better after hanging out with my pup, peanut! i know this isn't really an outfit post, but i promise i will have a new post early this week!

but, just in case you are wondering:
Urban Outfitters lace vest | J Crew button-up | Thrifted pants | Sam Edelman sandals

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whitney loves stepping on crunchy leaves.

(thrifted dress, mom's blazer, steve madden shoes, h&m scarf, jewelry from best friend)

Like Mallory, I've finally finished all my midterms and papers! Thursday night was pretty bad..I stayed up all night completing a paper that I started super late. Why do I always do this to myself?!

I got my second pair of Steve Madden shoes! They're hiding in the grass though :( Hopefully I'll be able to take better pictures next time! Also, for those of you who were wondering what nail polish I was wearing in my last post, I was wearing essie's "sew psyched."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mallory's scarf

i finally get a bit of a break from school. i just had my huge presentation yesterday so i now just have finals to look forward to in a couple weeks. in the meantime i hope to post more! I got this scarf from my boyfriend's mom, it's my favorite color, teal :). jewel tones are my favorite part of winter.

Ann Taylor cardigan | Anthropologie pleated shorts | Thrifted Blouse | Forever21 ring

Friday, November 5, 2010

Big Sweater, Small Sweater

whitney stole her cropped sweater from her mom's closet and mallory got her XXL sweater from thriftown for $4. its getting to be sweater weather here in Berkeley, though this week the weather has been bipolar. it was overcast today but super hot yesterday and wednesday. wednesday we took pictures for WorkItBerk, and you can see in the pictures how much sunnier it was! Brittany was a lovely photographer and super nice, check out her blog at WorkItBerk.blogspot.com