Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So finally some nicer weather! I just got back from Paris where it much colder, making me very thankful to come back to Bordeaux...which was warmer even with the crazy rain yesterday! I was going to post some photos from Paris, but they are mostly touristy/irrelevant/embarrassing. There is a lot of me imitating statues and gargoyles haha.

thrifted crochet shirt | Gap jeans | HM feather earrings

fyi there will be another lull in posting, as i am going to italy on friday for ten days!! i have never been and am CRAZY excited!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

whitwatwear withdrawals

whitney and i have been apart for about a month and a half now (only 6.5 more months), and i have been feeling the withdrawals. i miss editing eachother's outfits, having giggle-filled photo shoots, and watching scary movies (i watch, whitney cries into my shoulder). alas, i can only look back at these photos and remember....

and if you would like to remember with us: you can find these posts : here, here, here and here :)

miss you, whitney!

love, mallory