Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Accessory Craze

(thrifted dress, frye boots, f21 leggings, cardigan & jewelry from China)

I went to my first fabric market a couple days ago, and it was amazing! Anything one could imagine could be custom-made at this place--dresses, leather jackets, costumes, etc. I decided to go with a red trench, which hopefully won't turn out to be too wild. While the seamstress measured me, she told me that I had unusually broad shoulders =/ (i was a swimmer)

As I left the fabric market, I saw a line of street vendors selling jewelry, and went out of control. I bought so much that I didn't have enough money for lunch. My favorite pieces are in the picture above! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011



spring is here! so when boyfriend was here last week, we went to the beach! it was absolutely beautiful. we were planning to go climb the giant dune de pyla, but it was so warm and sunny we just ended up sleeping on the beach for hours :)

i felt a bit weird wearing boots at the beach, but noone was wearing sandels there, and we wanted to go to dinner after. when we went to dinner the belt was the problem haha. i bought a large so i could wrap it around twice, but when i eat too much, there isnt much room to loosen it :(

btw check out this ice cream, creme brulee! nom.

Zara dress Ciao Bella boots mom's 80s glasses HM dreamcatcher earrings Modcloth ring

Friday, March 25, 2011

whitney's biking?

(h&m top & shorts, asos shoes)

See all those bikes? I've been learning to ride a bike! Pretty much everyone in my program has gotten a bike except for me, and I think I'll eventually succumb to biking as well. I'm just a little scared for my life because my biking skills aren't exactly very good.

Monday, March 21, 2011

louvre love

i have always loved museums. when we were little, my mom used to take us to the de young in san francisco to do the monthly art projects. the siblings and i would sit on the ground of the main hall and just glue things to paper for hours. well, i would make it take hours, because even when i was five i was annoying about getting things exactly how i wanted them. but i digress. the point is, i already love museums, and the louvre is pretty much the mother of all museums. it was AWESOME. all i can say is, if you get the chance, GO.

anthropologie jacket | marc by marc jacobs bag | hm pants

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mallory is jetting off to paris

and by jetting, i mean waking up at five am and getting on a train for 3 hours. but dont get me wrong, it's still fabulous! i was going to post italy highlights, but i still havent retrieved those photos :(. and then i remembered, as i was packing at 3 am this morning (i was honestly up for no reason, and had an 8 am class this morning, and am thus typing this deleriously fyi), im pretty sure i said i was going to post a couple of paris highlights from my last trip. wow was that a poorly constructed sentence, but blame the delerium.

anyway, so here are a couple. are they as glamorous as you imagined ;)? so touristy hehe. this time im going to pretend to be much more wordly and not embarrassing in my photos, and i will fail. paris is just too exciting for me not to be goofy and touristy; i will never be able to act like a chic parisenne.

(^ i can't imagine being like these people: nbd, just walking my dog in front of notre dame)
(^hey look, i have a hair twin!)

i will do a real post upon my return! i hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a little homesick

(h&m shirt, clutch, and oversized blazer, zara flats, joe's jeans, roommate's bracelet)

Like Mal said, I'm seriously malnourished of french fries! I could die for a good burger right now. I'm also craving American junk food. There are some weird flavors of Lays potato chips here, such as blueberry and italian sausage. I bought "American Original" flavor today, but they just didn't taste the same :(

Monday, March 14, 2011

stuck in cowboy poses


posting these, i realized i look cowboyish again...this time not on purpose, oops!
so remember the sweater i wore in the pheonix post? a month later it was half off, so i bought it in this color as well, since i have a strong belief that you can never have more than enough elbow pads.

this weekend im going to paris yet again, to meet boyfriend who is coming to visit me for a week! i am crazy exciteeeeed! i didnt get to do versailles or the louvre last time, so i am really looking forward to going back. eh, and i guess its cool that boyfriend will be there too. just kidding, boyfriend, i cant wait to see you!

p.s. this is just a quickie post from mallory, but whitney WILL be back again, shes just been busy and malnourished from lack of french fries hehe.

HM sweater | homemade bib necklace| Joe's Jeans

Friday, March 11, 2011

an american in bordeaux

so i had already been wearing this outfit, when i discovered that the party i was going to later that night was an "american" themed. whatever that means... but i guess i managed to turn it into a costume party. what it actually meant was loud american pop music, oh well.

on a completely unrelated note, i went to the carnival yesterday that is in bordeaux, and got 12 churros for 3 euros. also nutella to dip them in. AMAZING. its a good thing that the carnival wont be here forever, becuase i have no self control when it comes to sweets. i had to loosen my belt after i ate them, oof. worth it.

p.s. i always forget whether i call it a button-up or a button-down. when i button i start in the middle, so its kinda both...herm.

Anthropologie sweater | J Crew button-up | Ciao Bella boots | HM leggings and earrings | Urban Outfitters belt

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

mallory and phoenix


phoenix is the name of this adorable pupster, but here in france it is pronounced feh-neex. he is the dog of my host family, and he used to be a show dog. now he spends most of his time rolling around in straw and nudging people for pets. this week has been BEAUTIFUL in bordeaux, temperatures in the mid to high 60s, meaning i have spent the afternoons basking in the sun with pheonix, who is an expert basker (aka sleeps on the warm cement).

hope other people are having as beautiful weather as i am! (i know whitney is not, she has already complained to me this week hehe).

oh, and in case you haven't noticed, i'm slightly obsessed with stripes. and elbow pads. making this sweater the perfect storm. i wish i could personally thank HM for creating this beauty!


HM sweater | Zara cords | thrifted belt

Monday, March 7, 2011

Whitney's fishface

(h&m coat & shirt, thrifted scarf & shorts, zara flats)

I brought two coats to Shanghai with me--this one, and the one I wore in my previous post. Until coming here, I haven't actually really worn this coat. I found it at h&m last year for $30, and just couldn't stop myself from buying it even though I wasn't in love it at the time. Good thing I bought it because I've come to like it a lot! it keeps me warm in this cold cold weather!

haha, btw..i made an awkward attempt to make mallory's fish-face. i miss shopping and taking pictures with her :(

Thursday, March 3, 2011

mallory is back from italy


hello, all! i am back from italy :). it was UNREAL. italy is so beautiful i felt like i was in a dream. also, the gelato and hot chocolate (which is more like chocolate soup) was to die for. i had one or both every day for the 10 days i was there...and may or may not have eaten them in place of dinner on multiple occasions...but its vacation, right?? i will probably post a couple of photos as soon as i have access to them (i kept running out of space on my dinky sd card and had to upload them to my friend's computer).

anywayyy...let's talk about this coat! SO, in rome, there were two zaras close to the apartment we stayed at. both of them had the most beautiful green silk ruffle-sleeved shirt in the window. i drooled when we walked by it for three days, but restrained from buying it. back in bordeaux, i broke down and decided to go look for it, but my zara didn't have it. i wanted to cry. but, lucky me, i found this coat instead...for 15 EUROS! amazing. there was only one, and it was my was destined to be: starcrossed lovers, this coat and i. i love the ridiculous collar, which is actually a ridiculous hood!


Zara Coat | leopard belt | Joe's jeans | HM socks | Bata shoes