Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tassel Maxi Dress

ReadyTwoWear: Tassel hem maxi dress
ReadyTwoWear - Boho tassel dress
ReadyTwoWear - How to style a maxi dress

 On Mal: Moulinette Soeurs Ebroidered Medallion Maxi Dress (old/sold out but similar below), c/o Soko Double Dash Choker, Celine Caty Sunglasses, H&M Espadrilles (old, similar below)

Photos by Rene

I bought this dress the beginning of winter when it went on sale, and have been waiting for the sun to come out.  It is finally here...but the long wait also means it is very much sold out..sorry!  

Anyone who is petite knows how hard it is to find a maxi dress.  This one is actually supposed to be ankle-skimming according to the product images, so it is just ~barely~ short enough.  Even so, I keep stepping on the tassels...check out all the missing tassels on the hem!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Prynt iPhone Printer Review

A while back (like pre-Valentine's Day), we visited the Prynt office and got the super awesome Prynt iPhone printer to try out.  There are other phone printers out there, but the Prynt isn't just a printer (or prynter)...check it out:

Basically,  Prynt is making our Harry Potter dreams come true.  When taking a photo, the app also takes a short 5 second video and makes a boomerang-like animation.  After you print your photo, you can scan it to see it come to life! They have an app where you can share your scans...but don't worry, you can also save your scans to post them on Instagram.

What we like:
  • Easy to use...charge it, load in the photo paper and download the app to get started.
  • You can preview your photo/video before printing, meaning you don't waste a bunch of photo paper if the photo doesn't come out right.
  • There is built-in photo editing to adjust your photo. You can even add text or drawings.
  • You can save drafts...even if you don't have your Prynt attached to your phone.  This is really nice in case you don't feel like carrying your Prynt somewhere. You can use the app to take the photo/video and print it later. You can even combine an existing photo and video from your library to make a Prynt.
  • You can record your scan to create a video, so you can show everyone your moving photos.
What we don't like:
  • The photo quality could be better.  The photos come out a bit grainy when printed (i.e. they don't look like a photo you got printed at a photo center).
  • The machine is a bit bulky...but still way smaller/convenient than our Instax cameras. With the draft feature, this issue is even less important, because you can always leave it at home and print later.
  • The built in editor does not edit the video itself, just the photo.  So, if your video comes out a bit too dark for example, there is no fixing it.
Overall, we love the Prynt. I brought it on my trip to DC/New York and my friends were mesmerized. It was such a fun way to save memories from the trip!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

High Contrast

On Mal: c/o 4th & Reckless Olivia Metallic Heel Mules, H&M Trumpet Sleeve Blouse (old, similar below), Levi's 721 Skinnies, Gucci GG Marmont Small Leather Shoulder Bag (sold out, similar below).

Even after years of blogging, I still don't know all my angles. I tried to take some ~chic~ photos walking naturally up the stairs, but ended up looking like I was flailing about like the dancing tube people that are at car dealerships....alas.

The goal for those failed photos was to show off the unique heel of these 4th & Reckless mules.  Tbh they are slightly too tall for me (I have small feet so the angle gets too extreme with higher heels) but I was surprised how comfortable they were...probably because of the wide heel. I am sure if you have a bigger size than me (I wear a 6), they get even more comfy!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

INSPO // Slide Mules

Click image to go to source.

This isn't exactly *breaking* news, but the mule has been popping up left and right.  Now that they have been around for over a season, more affordable options are hitting you don't have to drop $700 for some Gucci slide mules.

P.S. I was on Pinterest to find some cute mules...and the search returned actual mules (the horse-donkey hybrid). To be fair, they were cute.

Shop both splurge and save options below!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Public Works

San Francisco Bay Area fashion blogger

On Mal: Banana Republic Factory Plaid Open Front Sweater (this was way cheaper in-store...I got it for under $25!), Old Navy V Neck Sweater, Seychelles Booties,  Chloe Faye Mini Bracelet Bag

photos by Rene

This is the world's comfiest sweater..its like a blanket cape but better because there are sleeves. Unlike a cape it doesn't slide off the shoulders all the time.

I found it a while back at Banana Factory in Gilroy when they were running extra 50% off the whole store.  It was marked in clearance, so I am a bit surprised I was able to find it still listed online.  They only had a M/L (maybe that is why it was clearance in-store?), but the bigger size definitely amplifies the blanket effect...I am only 5'3" in the morning.