Thursday, September 28, 2017

New beginnings, a fresh start, and other clichés

On Mallory: Madewell Button Back Sweater Tank, Goorin Brothers Hat (old), Holding Horses Lace Up Denim Skirt (old), Seychelles Marquee Boots (old, but found a few similar styles, linked below), c/o Furla Mini Metropolis Bag

Photos by Tyler

We've been a bit MIA over here on the blog, but we promise it's been for good reason. We are both in the midst of major career switches. This week is actually my last week of work! Starting in October, I will be starting a product design program. I'm nervous but excited.

The program is full-time so I will be without an income for a while, which is pretty scary. I am really privileged to have a family and partner who can help support me. So, you might not be seeing very many new items on the blog...but more outfit remixes. You will also be seeing a LOT of this Furla bag.  I had this with me when my apartment was burglarized, so it was one of the few bags I have left. I will likely be wearing it with everything until I can start re-building my bag collection (after I get a new job, obviously).

Note: We get commission for clicks or purchases made through product links. (Hey, we gotta make money somehow during our career transitions!)