Monday, April 25, 2011


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urban outfitters tank | j crew sweater | bershka necklace

i'm not sure if you have noticed, but i am slightly obsessed with feathers.  so you can imagine my excitement when i found this necklace for seven euros!  i went shopping this week in paris with my cousins and aunt, and found a couple other cute items as well, including a gift for whitney :).  the belt i found a while ago for 2 euros at a random i guess i shouldn't be too jealous of whitney and her ridiculous deals.  although i remain incredibly jealous of her most recent sweater purchase...

in less exciting news, whitney and i have tests approaching (finals for me and midterms for whitney) so we apologize for the possible delays in posting.

and btw, don't i look like an amputee in that last photo?  blarp, time to go study.

p.s. those braids are my real hair, for those wondering [ crystal :) ].  i have been contemplating letting my hair down more lately..but the control freak in me gets frustrated with it in my face.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

mallory's biking


not quite a real post but : thrifted crochet top | zara cords
but...unlike whitney in this post...i have photographic evidence!  today i biked part of the loire valley to see a chateaux i have always dreamed of visiting, chenonceau.  having not been bike-riding since i was seven...i believe i no longer have ANY of the muscles required for it.   i am such a wuss, it was only 13 km each way, and the hills weren't THAT big, but my legsies are already sore.  the country side was gorgeous, exactly as one would imagine the french countryside...stone houses with vines, roosters, cats, etc etc.

btw...i was wearing the helmet you see on my handlebars for the actual ride...riding with my aunt=helmet required.  dorky but safe:)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

special agent carmichael

(UNIQLO legging pants, frye boots, sweater from Shanghai)

Although it's been super hot and humid this past week in Shanghai, I couldn't resist buying an oversized-poncho-looking sweater when I went shopping with my friends yesterday. We went to a shopping area literally named "cheap road." The name, as you can guess, comes from all the unbelievably inexpensive clothes and accessories the place sells. Unfortunately, I usually have a hard time finding stuff that I want at this place. I'm glad I found this sweater though! And I'm glad Shanghai cooled down a bit today so I could sport this favorite new sweater of mine (:

Also, I've been obsessed with the show Chuck recently, hence the completely irrelevant title of my post haha

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

la grand-mère

hm suede trim pants | j crew shirt | diy bib necklace | marc by marc jacobs bag

the last week i have been freaking out. my eap program is almost over, and i feel like i haven't done enough. so my friend and i decided to be a little touristy around bordeaux. we had obviously done so at the beginning of the year, but its almost like a different place in the spring. we spent a lot of the time in the jardin publique, which is so so pretty in the spring. plus, since the weather is nice, there is a ton of people out sitting on the grass and playing soccer. i am going to miss france :(

Sunday, April 10, 2011


(h&m blouse, romper and jewelry from China)

Like Mal, I'm finally feeling spring! The sun is out, and it's making me so happy!

Unfortunately, in Shanghai I don't think there will be a noticeable difference between spring and summer. Now that it's not super cold anymore, it's simply super hot..or at least to me and my friends. Yesterday as we were walking around the city in tanks and t-shirts, we were shocked seeing people in turtlenecks and jackets. Vice versa, people approached us to ask if we were cold. We'll probably suffocate when summer finally comes :(

Friday, April 8, 2011


thrifted crochet top | anthropologie pleated shorts | hm crystal ring

it's 82 degrees here (=impossible to get work done). it's soooo beautiful: everything is green and blooming, and the sun feels so good. during a break between classes, i ventured through this boardwalk area near the tram. there was basically noone there and everything was so quiet and pristine!

but after walking through flowers my height, i had a bit of an allergy attack. but it's a good thing, it means spring is here!

ooh and fyi we are blogging for now! you can check out our first post here :). and if you see anything you like, tobi is offering whitwatwear readers 20% off. just enter the code WHITWEAR20 (check out the little badge on the right side bar --> )

Thursday, April 7, 2011

beijing foodgasm

Apologies for a lack of updates! I was in Beijing for five days :) Beijing was awesome! I went to the forbidden city, tiananmen square, and the great wall. i'm sure I also gained a few pounds after sharing 5 peking ducks with my friends haha. Anyway, this is not so much an outfit post, but I tried to make it up with food pictures. i tried a lot of yummy street food! there's more on my travel blog.

In case you're wondering though, everything I'm wearing is from Zara, except for my leggings, bag, and scarf.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

dumb faces

people here are still wearing coats. its seventy degrees today, i literally do not understand. i on the other hand, am soaking up the sun as much as i can. class was cancelled today, so i can finally get some much needed rest: i got food poisoning this weekend, and then on monday discovered that the test was not this i am now mentally and physically exhausted...nap timeee!

urban outfitters vest | hm crystal ring and feather earrings| hm tank | sam edelman sandals

Saturday, April 2, 2011

shades of grey


the last week here it has been rainy. which basically reflected my mood: boyfriend went back to the states, i had two midterms, and had to cancel my london trip. BUT this weekend it has been sunny, and i am going to the antique market tomorrow so things are looking up. of course i still have a lab report and a midterm on monday, but soon i will be on april break and my aunt and cousins will be in france with me! they, like me, love love love it will be a macaron/chocolate/pastry-filled extravaganza... i am planning belt-less outfits, obviously. :)

also, posting this photo, i realized its blurry. sorry! but if i am going to allow myself to go to the antique market tomorrow, it means studying today, so no retakes :/

anthropologie top | forever 21 skirt | american airline socks (seriously) | anthropologie headband