Monday, October 24, 2011

Our lipgloss is popping

On Whitney: free people jacket, thrifted skirt, thrifted boots, satchel from china
On Mallory: Thrifted JCrew sweater, thrifted denim shirt/thrifted jeans, honey & hive boots, thrifted Coach satchel.

We're so sorry for being such bad bloggers! Midterms round two is heading our way, so we've been pretty busy. We promise to be better at this after all of it is over!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A day we don't match

On Mallory: Free People Dress, F21 parka, World's End Earrings c/o Jewelmint
On Whitney: F21 skirt, Zara blouse, Oyster Earrings c/o Jewelmint

We have been crazy busy so haven't been able to update much, but we have a couple of cool announcements. Firstly, and most importantly, Whitney FINALLY turned 21! We went out to dinner at delicious La Note, and Whitney, a creature of habit, ordered the same thing she ate last year on her birthday haha. Secondly, if anybody wants to learn more about us (we are so interesting, after all), check out our interview at FashionBloggerRevealed. And finally, we are happy to share a discount code from Jewelmint offering 50% off your first purchase (just enter BOCT50)! You get to take a style quiz in the beginning so that they can make tailored recommendations for you, which is fun.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mallory looks miniature

On Mallory: F21 top and shorts, UO hat, HM cuffs
On Whitney: Lacoste stop, DIYed shorts, roommate's hair tie

Mallory has to stand on her toes to look normal height next to Whitney in her shoes.

Mallory would like to point out that the shoes WHITNEY is wearing are the ones that MALLORY had showed Whitney while they were online shopping as something she wanted to buy. WHITNEY bought them. grr.

Whitney would like to point out that Mallory already owns shoes similar to them.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rain Gear

On Whitney: thrifted parka, thrifted boots, thrifted kimono, zara turban, satchel from china
On Mallory: old rainboots,zara cape, HM headwrap and leggings, Mango sweater, thrifted Longchamp

While the weather had been amazing just a couple days ago (as you can tell from our previous post), it became gloomy and rainy the last two days. At least we got to finally layer up, we had been waiting for this moment!

p.s. can you see the rain in these photos? the evidence is all over mallory's bag