Monday, January 31, 2011

mallory and her big sweaters


first of all, i would like to preface with i AM in fact wearing shorts, i promise. this sweater is one of my greatest splurges, it is so comfy :). i wore it on the plane to france because its like wearing a blanket, which is awesome. it has been super cold here (it technically "snowed" yesterday for two minutes or something) so it's nice to have such a giant sweater to layer in lieu of a coat every now and then. and btw, expect to see these shoes a lot, i only brought a few pairs of flats and zero heels to save space in my suitcase...which i am now coming to regret.

sorry these photos look like they were taken on a camera was on the wrong settings + the lighting was bad + i dont have whitney's nice camera at my disposal anymore :(
also, everyone wish whitney a great first week in shanghai!

anthropologie sweater | Forever 21 thigh highs | Bata shoes

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

mallory: actually, i have two of the exact same

not a line that works in response to "didn't you just wear those?" when you are wearing orange pants. so, no twice without washing for these pants :) so these are the vinyards around my house in france, though they aren't very green right now.

Zara cords | Hollister scarf | J Crew Sweater

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whitney is wearing a bucket.

(f21 top, h&m cardigan, joe's jeans, chelsea crew brogues, vintage dooney&bourke bucket bag)

Upon seeing my new bucket bag, my mom yelled at me for buying something so old. Haha, she's not exactly a fan of 2nd-hand shopping. Nevertheless, I'm happy with my purchase! I've been wanting a bucket bag for a while already, and am glad that I've found this one.

Normally I don't wear earrings, but lately I've been sporting these huge-vintage-floral studs.

Ahh! One more week before I leave the states to study abroad. I'm super excited! I'm already jealous of Mallory's pretty photos, and fun shopping adventures. I miss you!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

a quick update from mallory


ok guys, sorry i have been mia but there is just so much to do here! also, bad news for my bank account, there is a five week sale called "les soldes" where EVERY store is on sale. it's AMAZING...especially because bordeaux has the longest single shopping street in europe: rue st catherine!

but anyway, i just wanted to do a quick post so i'm sorry about the crappy quality of the photos! this blazer is one of the new items i bought...i can finally get my elbow pads now that i am in europe! also, funny story about this scarf: i bought it at a thrift store back home without thoroughly inspecting it, and when i got home i realized its actually a sheer poncho... like something your high school drama teacher would wear! i still wrap it around my neck and pretend though haha.

i hope to start posting more often now that i am more settled in (though my class schedule STILL is not finalized...)

American Apparel tights | Bata shoes | Kooka blazer | thrifted "scarf"

Friday, January 14, 2011


hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts, but i have been crazy busy these past two weeks. but bordeaux is AMAZING! omg the foooooddddddd....(macarons!) anyway so im sorry i havent been able post lately, but i think i will be able to post tomorrow :)


Sunday, January 2, 2011

have a safe trip mallory!

(h&m shirt and skirt, vintage bag, steve madden shoes, gifted watch from boyfriend)

I wore this last week when I was still in Berkeley, but it's too cold to wear a skirt in San Francisco right now. I'm freezing even though I'm wearing layers of sweaters. haha.

Mallory is leaving tomorrow for France :( have fun mallory!

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