Thursday, January 20, 2011

a quick update from mallory


ok guys, sorry i have been mia but there is just so much to do here! also, bad news for my bank account, there is a five week sale called "les soldes" where EVERY store is on sale. it's AMAZING...especially because bordeaux has the longest single shopping street in europe: rue st catherine!

but anyway, i just wanted to do a quick post so i'm sorry about the crappy quality of the photos! this blazer is one of the new items i bought...i can finally get my elbow pads now that i am in europe! also, funny story about this scarf: i bought it at a thrift store back home without thoroughly inspecting it, and when i got home i realized its actually a sheer poncho... like something your high school drama teacher would wear! i still wrap it around my neck and pretend though haha.

i hope to start posting more often now that i am more settled in (though my class schedule STILL is not finalized...)

American Apparel tights | Bata shoes | Kooka blazer | thrifted "scarf"


  1. you look so awesome in this outfit! ooh have an amazing time sale shopping!


  2. Omgaaaaah! Sales for five weeks! That's uhhhmazing! I would definitely go broke after that. btw I love love love your shoes.

  3. the blazer is really cute and i love your shoes. five week sale? that sound so crazy!
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  4. the rust colored tights and brown wedges are such a nice color combo :)

    p.s. consider yourself followed!



  5. That 5 week sale sounds amazing!! And I love your blazer. I hope you're having a blast abroad ;)

    xo Sherrie

  6. Those shoes! And the five week sale! I'm so jealous right now :D

  7. I love sales tooo! and will most definitely spend all my money if I can. I adore the blazer

  8. Oh, how I love les soldes! I'm going to be in Paris at the end of this week- I always go to France in January, just so that I can go to les soldes :) It looks like you've found some lovely things, too. Your scarf is gorgeous, and I love those wedges!

  9. I LOVE your shoes! You pull off shorts and tights perfectly!

  10. I love the way you have teamed the cut-offs with coloured tights :)

    Thanks for stopping by my page and can I just say that I adore the concept of your blog. You girls are adorable!

    Hope you find a new photographer soon! x