Monday, August 29, 2011

back to school


On Whitney: h&m sweater, thrifted shoes, shorts and purse from China
On Mallory: h&m denim shirt and cuffs, j. crew sweater and jeans, hive&honey boots, marc by marc jacobs purse

School has started, and it is amazing how stressed out we are already. At least we finally have a class together again, the first one since sophomore year! The weather in Berkeley has been cooler than usual this time of year. It is usually freezing in the morning, but warm and sunny by the end of our first classes, so we have been dressing in layers. We apologize for the sporadic posting, but as soon as we fall into our schedules we will get our acts together and post more regularly. Here’s to a happy school year!

Also, check out our giveaway if you haven't yet! it ends next friday :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Claws Necklace Giveaway


Ayako, the designer of Claws Jewelry was kind enough to send us these two beautiful necklaces.  The pieces are wonderfully crafted and make the simplest of outfits look put-together.  To win this unique carved turquoise with gold-filled chain necklace (shown above), do all of the following:

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Giveaway ends September 9, GOODLUCK!  :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

DIY Crochet Shorts


Anthropologie top | DIY crochet shorts | UO sandals 

This week I went home to visit my family before school starts.  I was excited to wear my new DIYed-inspired-by-Whitney crochet shorts!  I was so jealous of the shorts she wore in the Pajama Party post that I decided to DIY them using crochet trimmings and boys boxer shorts (that was an awkward target buy...).
Also, if you are wondering about the long sleeve tee under short sleeve shirt à la seventh grade, it's because I forgot to bring a sweater home, and I love the texture of the top of this blouse!

Whitney and I will reunite on Monday, so until then I will leave you with the adorable photo of the turtle I saw at the aquarium this weekend.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pajama Party

pajama partyDSC_1340DSC_1347DSC_1520

On Mallory: HM shirt and headband | F21 shorts | Cotton on necklace | leather bracelet from France
On Whitney: Zara shirt, crochet shorts and brogues from China, Malwear necklace

Our respective boyfriends think we're wearing pajama shorts, but we think otherwise :P and yes, that first photo was taken with self-timer

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

lace &denim

forever 21 lace dress & denim skirt, target clogs

if you've been following our blog, this skirt may look familiar because mallory owns the exact same thing! we got it two years ago when we were still sophomores in college and when this blog was nonexistent. Finding it really inspired me to dig through my closet to make the most out of everything that i already own. click here to see how mallory wore it! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

DIY Kimono

On Mallory: thrifted/diy robe, J. Crew jeans, Steve Madden heels, Coach clutch
On Whitney: thrifted/diy robe, thrifted boots, thrifted shorts, random white top, thai necklace

This is the thrifted robe we cut and hemmed into a kimono jacket.  We both loved the kimono too much, we decided to both wear it in one post.  Mallory's photos are notably lamer because she would have broken both ankles had she tried to jump around and twirl.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

To the max!


Thrifted maxi skirt | vintage Coach satchel | F21 top | MalWear dreamcatcher necklace

I have given up my life as a mermaid, and become a normal human. AKA I have chopped my freakishly long hair to a normal length.  I miss it already, but it is nice to not have to worry about running out of conditioner in one week.  

This maxi skirt is the one I thrifted the other day.  I washed it because I couldn't find the care tag...and it was DEFINITELY a dry clean only skirt.  It used to be pleated.  That's cool, the color still qualifies it as my perfect maxi skirt, so I will not deprive it of the title it was awarded last post. 

Also, Whitney and I were not kidding when we said we were killing it at thrifting.  We went to Crossroads two days ago, and I found this Coach bag...and a Longchamp bag (in the color I had wanted from last year!).  Woop woop!


P.S. These photos are from our trip to SF yesterday.  It was originally going to be a collaboration post, but since we decided to just meet there (Whitney has not moved back to Berkeley yet!) we didn't really coordinate outfits.  See, we do match our colors and stripes on purpose! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thrifty nifties

On Mallory: F21 blazer, DIY shorts, DIY turban, h&m ring
On Whitney: Zara blouse, DIY shorts, purse from China, necklace from Thailand

Yesterday we went thrifting at Thrift Town in SF.  Usually it takes us hours only to end up with nothing, but this time we hit the jackpot. We both found ugly mom-jeans begging to be DIYed into high-waisted shorts and Mallory finally found the perfect maxi skirt.  Our favorite thrift of the day was also the most expensive, a $10 silk robe.  After thirty minutes in Thrift Town, our perception of cheap and expensive had already been skewed, so neither of us wanted to pay the WHOLE $10.  Finally, we decided to go in together and share the robe.  We cut it short to make a kimono and used the spare fabric to make two turbans. Upon returning, and after a trip to target, we realized how cheap $10 actually is, and now cannot decide who gets to wear it first...stay tuned.

Oh yeah, this is how cool the mom jeans were before we cut them  :)  We also bought matching $12 clogs at Target

And finally, one awkward photo: