Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Public Works

San Francisco Bay Area fashion blogger

On Mal: Banana Republic Factory Plaid Open Front Sweater (this was way cheaper in-store...I got it for under $25!), Old Navy V Neck Sweater, Seychelles Booties,  Chloe Faye Mini Bracelet Bag

photos by Rene

This is the world's comfiest sweater..its like a blanket cape but better because there are sleeves. Unlike a cape it doesn't slide off the shoulders all the time.

I found it a while back at Banana Factory in Gilroy when they were running extra 50% off the whole store.  It was marked in clearance, so I am a bit surprised I was able to find it still listed online.  They only had a M/L (maybe that is why it was clearance in-store?), but the bigger size definitely amplifies the blanket effect...I am only 5'3" in the morning.


  1. Oooh! That sweater! <3 Looks so so cozy

  2. You look so chic ! Just love the outfit !