Saturday, October 30, 2010

mallory's white pants

so i made a stupid decision to wear these pants to my chemistry lab...obviously the one day i wear white pants is the one day i spill iodine. luckily iodine fades, but then someone's shoe kicked me (NOT on purpose...i don't think) and got them dirty! white pants are so dangerous. still not as bad as whitney though...she somehow managed to get iodine ALL over her face last year in lab...only whitney (love you whit :) )


J Crew pants and top | Forever 21 Jacket | Thrifted loafers | Anthropologie headband


  1. Love that coat and your blog!

  2. LOL at the iodine. I didn't know iodine fades... I thought it stains really bad but I guess iodine is used on wounds as well.

    I only remember that iodine had many hazard signs on the stock bottles when I last used it or perhaps that was something else hm...

  3. what a great casual chic outfit. i love love. the coat with the white jeans.
    pure perfection

  4. I remember when I was in AP Chem and every time we had to work with iodine, I'd be wearing white. Gotta love it. Seriously though, nobody can rock those white skinnies like you! I may or may not be incredibly jealous.

  5. I like your jacket :)
    And thank you for the comment..!

  6. Following your blog now! You may follow mine, too if you want!

    Love the lady gaga inspired shades AND LOVE BOTH OF YOUR SHOES! I am forever in love with that BROWN / tan shade :)