Monday, December 27, 2010

mallory's productive week


so this week i have basically been crafting! i made six of the bib necklaces i wore in my last post and knit two circle scarves! (including the one i am wearing here). i feel very accomplished :)

i hope you all had a lovely holiday; i am pretty sure i gained a couple of pounds already...soooo many cookies. whenever i bake, i always manage to eat about a third of whatever i'm baking, which forces me to double recipes if i ever want to give some away. full.

i also have a comment about steve madden boots, who i am currently mad at! i have bought two pairs in the past two years, both of which have only lasted a year >:I . i had to replace my old riding boots with these ones, and i am kind of annoyed...has anyone else had issues like this? maybe i just walk like a monster leading me to wear them out super fast or something...

mallory :)

Anthro asymmetrical blazer | J Crew shirt | Ciao Bella boots


  1. Love the outfit! You were very productive with all thou knitting, hehe. I've never had anything steve madden so I can't answer the question

  2. great outfit - i love the scarf :) it really stands out! your dog is adorable too. hehe.

  3. that knitted scarf is beautiful, i love the colour & how warm it looks. nice work on making it!!
    great combo with the blazer too.
    dont worry i think i put on about a trillion pounds too!x

  4. those are cute ass boots thought, i'd say they're worth the money!;) and im loving your knitted circle scarf! i need to learn how to knit asap!


  5. I love your scarf ^^
    Such a cute dog aswell, a Welsh Corgi! I love them when they are a puppy =w=

  6. your dog is so cute! and you outfit is really nice too! ^^

  7. Yay for crafting! I've been doing some craft projects over the holidays as well... what a great feeling not to care about school! :P


  8. You look super cute in this outfit. Your pup is adorable!! I love your scarf, it's such a gorgeous color. Yay for crafting!!

    Kirstin Marie

  9. This is so cute, especially the scarf! Your doggy is adorable.

  10. ahhh you are so pretty and i adore your site :D happy new year! from

  11. The dog is so sweet :)