Saturday, July 28, 2012

Griffith Observatory

7665601944_3e08c757c4_bblogreupload7665603056_0a884e2081_blogreupload DSC_0668blog DSC_0552 copy DSC_0583 copy DSC_0622 copy DSC_0597 copy On Mallory: thrifted top, h&m necklace and pants, sam edelman sandals, vintage coach satchel
On Whitney: h&m tee, shorts, and necklace, asos sunnies

While in LA we took a little trip to the Griffith Observatory.  The building is seriously so pretty and clean.  The only bad part was the thirty year old spitting off the roof down onto the lower level...gross.


  1. Looking gorgeous girls!

    I absolutely love the vintage Coach satchels you guys are always sporting! I'm completely obsessed with them so for my birthday last week, I decided to get one as well. It's scheduled to get here sometime next week so I'm absolutely over the moon right now :D

    Mallory: I really like the way you colorblocked! I normally wouldn't picture orange and green together but i think you did it in a really cute way that's just perfect for summer. Your shoes and jewelry add nice hints of shininess to the vivid colors while your black bag grounds everything and keeps you from looking too flamboyant.

    Whitney: those are such adorable scalloped shorts! I really like how they have two layers of scallops instead of the typical one! The shorts look really good paired with the subtle polka dotted striped top. Your gold accessories and the gold accents on your satchel (which looks a lot like a Cambridge satchel) add the right touch of girliness.

    Overall, both of your outfits are awesome. The way you guys contrasted the colorfulness and neutrality of the outfits is super awesome!
    And I'm sorry to hear about the guy spitting. That' really gross.


  2. I love both your bags!!! And I love that you are kinda opposite today: brights and neutrals :D
    (ew, men are disgusting)

  3. You both always look so great, girls!!

  4. Love both of your styles so do much!
    These outfits are amazing and your blog is honestly my current favourite to read!

  5. why are you both always looking so chic?! (:

  6. Oh wow! You two went to LA? Darn it, I feel like we always miss each other, haha!

    I absolutely love Mal's pants! I can't believe those were from H&M! I also love Whit's sunnies and scalloped shorts!


  7. cute style both of you!! i love the vintage satchel <3

  8. You both look super cute. I'm particularly in love with Whitney's scalloped shorts. I wish I had a pair like those!

  9. Oh my goodness, adorable choice of outfits. I especially love Whitney's scalloped shorts and the top!

  10. My fave duo! :)

  11. Aw cute outfit! Everything seems so comfortable to wear!

  12. Eww...why was a guy spitting? Yuck! I love both of your looks. Whitney, those scalloped shorts are insanely cute!! And Mallory, I love the mix of colors and awesome top! <3


  13. You two look absolutely chic for a day in the observatory! :)
    I love Malory's neon pants! So chic but looks super comfy. And currently obsessed with Whitney's impeccably delicate yet bold necklace!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  14. You guys look absolutely amazing! Love your outfits, style and your blog. Definitely following you!! <3

  15. Great looks!

  16. You have a great blog !
    I follow u
    Follow back? (:

    xx from

  17. one of my absolute favorite spots! love this :)


  18. i love all of the perfect color blocking!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  19. Pretty architecture! It seems like the observatory was a nice place to visit. I like the shade of lime in Mallory's outfit and the detailing in Whitney's shorts are quite lovely. Thanks for sharing! xx

  20. really love both looks! =)

  21. the look with the nude colours is amazing!


  22. I love the observatory! The views there are so amazing, right? Gorgeous photos as always!! It's so nice that you guys were able to get some images without a bunch of people in the background! :)


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  23. Gorgeous outfits! oh how i wish i lived in la but i guess im stuck with the horrid weather that england has to offer, your so lucky!

    Rose x