Friday, October 5, 2012

into the woods

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Photo Credit: Tyler Watkins

On Whitney: c/o Swaychic top, Zara skinnies, Madewell mustard cardigan, and Madewell loafers via Buffalo Exchange
On Mallory: c/o Sugarlips top, H&M pants and necklace, vintage Coach satchel, TopShop flats

Doing what we're good at: being cheesy.


  1. beautiful outfits!! love both of em and i loved how Whitney combined those colors, perfect for fall. and Mallory that top and the snakeskin pants are sooo cute!!

  2. I like how together you guys cover the primary colors! (:

    Check out how I wear orange shorts:

  3. You guys need to stop looking so good all the time! I'm loving the location too, the woods are always a good place to be ;)

  4. ah I love the pairing of colors and prints :)
    xx mili

  5. Oh you two are absolutely shining with all the color you both are wearing! I love the prints, too! :)


  6. love both of your looks! super fall ready!

  7. I am HEAD over HEELS for that cardigan! gorgeous:)

  8. You two always look amazing!
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  9. Nice nice nice! Love all the fresh colours in the looks. I think I wanna have your wardrobes!

  10. I love the colors in both of your looks, they're perfect for in-between fall weather!

  11. love the snakeskin pants ! x

  12. Love love the snake print pants! You both look awesome :)

  13. Me and Mallory styled the same Sugarlips top! Awesome! This is how I wore mine :) >>

    Have a good one! <3

  14. Love the snake print pants with the bright blue! Really pretty!

  15. Diggin' both your outfits! So bright and so fun!

    the style chapters

  16. You guys are so cute!
    I love all the bright touches in your outfits. The vivacious colors definitely brighten everything and look really nice contrasting with the muted natural beauty of the woods behind you.

    Mallory: Your blue peplum top is such a great shade and brings out such a nice rosy color in your cheeks! Instead of being super rigid and structured like peplums tend to be, your top is soft and drapey, which I find to be a pleasant change. The solid blue compliments the wicked crazy snakeskin print of your pants. The statement necklace you have on definitely clinches the outfit together, adding a little more something without being too wild or crazy!

    Whitney: As soon as I saw your look, I immediately thought of a hot dog! Since I absolutely adore food, please take that as a compliment, not as any sort of insult! Your mustard cardigan is such a lovely shade and looks too delightfully comfy to bear. Its muted color goes really well with your bright red pants while also playing nicely along with your whimsical horse shirt. I really like that you finished off the outfit with another addition of a pretty fall color. The forest green loafers are so perfectly preppy and conclude your very well colored outfit!

    As always, you guys inspire me to go pair lots of things from my closet together.
    Y'all are too cool!
    I'm looking forward to Fridays from now on...I love seeing you two together again!
    Speaking of two, I like the new name. It's such a cute play on words and your new header is pretty darn cool :)
    Hope you girls are having a marvelous weekend! <3


  17. Love the dog pattern shirt! So cuuute><
    Thanks for your comment on my blog and visiting!
    I follow you now :)

  18. You both are so cute and look so trendy(:

  19. You're good at working the trends! I adore the printed and colored pants, and both blouses are adorable!

  20. Great post !

    Wow love your bracelet !!

    A blog like this should definitely be followed so here I am :)

    Stop by mine when you have the time!!



  21. Both looks are truly beautiful. I like the preppiness and effortless of both of them



  22. SO CUTE.
    I love the popping colors and all the prints.
    You guys look like you're going to a fancy picnic in the forest :)

    Vogue Villain

  23. You two are wearing some of my favorite brands! love this blog, it's so cute :) I'm your newest follower :)
    Twitter: @samantha_mariko

  24. Love the Swaychic top so cute!

  25. I love Mallory's necklace and Whitney's top! ((:
    Emma xx

  26. wow really loving both of these outfits!

  27. You guys have a great sense of style! So glad i found this blog <3