Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trial and error

On Mallory: GAP frenchie sweater, H&M studded skirt (All sale 50% off right now!), Ralph Lauren collection espadrilles, 
Lips: c/o Bare Escentuals Marvelous Moxie in Lead the Way

I really like socks with sandals on other people (i.e. models in Piperlime ads), so I decided to try it out myself. I'm not sure if I like it. Wearing socks with bare legs cuts off the legline...and I already don't have very long legs. Maybe if I had different sandals with less straps? hmm..

BTW..I had to get this Frenchie sweater because it's getting too warm for my thicker fox sweater. hehe


  1. great outfit :D
    cute sweater!

  2. love this look! especially the sock with sandal!

  3. I think if you scrunched them down a bit it would be perfect! :D But I know what you mean...I love some things on other people and they are horrible on me, luckily socks and sandals isn't horrible on you ;)

  4. Aw this jumper is just adorable! xx

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  5. Oh man, that just makes me want to get another dog. I am loving your Gap sweater! As for the sock thing, I have really muscular calves so it makes it difficult for me to pull the whole sock under sandals thing. The best thing I found were dainty ankle socks with the lace trim around the ribbing. Anything longer (i.e. crew socks) would cut my height in quarters.

    Happy Friday!


  6. i think your grey socks with sandals looks really cute! if you're going for leg lengthening wear over the knee socks in black with black shoes. this goes with the cute nature of the rest of your outfit :)

  7. Great look! I love socks and sandals!!

  8. Great Ivy league inspired look, love the socks an sandals.


  9. Great look - I love that sweater and the studded skirt looks great on you!

  10. nice meeting you saturday as well! i'm trying to be more adventurous with the outdoor pics haha hope to see you both around again soon

  11. I always love seeing the socks and shoes thing on people too, but feel like I have a hard time pulling it off because I'm so short. I think it looks cute on you though! I'm pretty much in love with your frenchie sweater too.

  12. This outfit is pretty old but I just can't help commenting on it. That's how much I adore it :)
    For starters, the Frenchie is so unbelievably cute on your sweater. I'm typically not that big off an animal person but seeing this sweater, I definitely could imagine myself becoming one (even if it is just for the all the animal clothing I could hoard). The light gray of the sweater flows really well into the olive green skirt and the combination gets a nice perk with your bordeaux lipstick. Something about this look is very J. Crew to me, likely due to the preppy feel and just the way everything looks so good together.
    Re: sandals and socks...I think they look great on some people but I could never imagine myself pulling them off. Personally, even if your legs aren't the longest, I think the combination looks pretty good on you. I've heard that scrunched up socks or black thigh-highs help elongate the leg. I might need to try that sometime with a pair of sandals. Now the trick is just finding that perfect pair of chunky sandals...

    The SEAREX