Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Clarins Opalescence Review + Get some free mini services!

All product c/o Clarins Paris

This past week we got a special intro to the new Clarins Opalescence line.  Upon hearing about the line, we were of course sold. However, nothing is better than actually trying out the product yourself!

Here's what we are trying: 

Award Winning Double Serum: Smells amazing, and is moisturizing without feeling slippery. The ingredients are targeted towards anti-aging, but wrinkles are not on the top of our skincare concerns list. However, it has also been show to even skin tone and decrease visible signs of pores after four week. Fingers crossed!
Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster: Instead of dying your skin, the DHA in this is supposed to interact with the surface of your skin to create a natural-looking tan. It's been two days (Mal has been doing one drop per day) and the effects are really slight, but noticeable! 
Multi-Active Day Cream: Again, wrinkles are not our main concern, but this smells great and is the right amount of moisturizing.
Instant Light Illuminator in Rose and Champagne: The packaging on this is so pretty we almost don't care how it works. Kidding. We both like the Champagne color, since we both tend to get red easily. This reflects light without making us look sweaty!
Opalescence Face and Blush Powder: Okay, we are makeup noobs, so we are not entirely sure how to use this one. We are unclear on how it is both face and blush...we need someone to show us how to use it before we can decide whether we like it.
Wet and Dry Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in Vibrant Light: We aren't huge on eyeshadow, although we are always tempted to try! The purple and dark green in this are so pretty, and it comes with a guide for application.
Cream Blush in Grenadine: Perfect for us lazies who can't be bothered with a blush brush - this blush has a creamy texture that you can swipe on with your fingers. Plus it doubles as lip gloss. Bonus!
Sunscreen Care Oil Spray: Haven't tried this one yet, but being able to protect the scalp from sun damage seems like a no-brainer. 

If you are tempted to try some Clarins too, the Clarins spa is opening this Friday at Bloomingdales in downtwon San Francisco! There will be hors d'oeuvres and champagne, and free mini services! 

Plus, if you choose to do a facial ($50 for the grand opening), you will receive a special gift.

RSVP to or call 415-856-5459.


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  2. This makeup seems to be so amazing ! Love the packaging !

  3. Ooh, all of this sounds so great! I'm trying a couple new things right now but maybe I'll try these next :)