Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Off The Grid

On Mal: c/o Tobi Thru the Windowpane Tunic, c/o Articles of Society Charcoal Motto Jeans, Windsor lace-up heels (sold out but love these), vintage Coach satchel

Photos by Rene

One day I will take a photo with all my grid-print stuff...I have pants, a blazer, and now this top to complete the outfit. I will look crazy. Maybe I will even up the ante with my cage sunnies.

Also, I have been craving moto jeans for a while now, so was super happy when Articles of Society sent these over. My main issue with this style (in general) is the placement of the seams. I am pretty short (5'3" in the morning), so most moto pants look totally bizarre on me/..with the knee panel hitting closed to my ankles. These ones, I think, have pretty good least the panels are actually touching my knees! :x


  1. fine look ;-))


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  2. Such a chic look ! Love the shirt and shoes !


  3. Nice:) xx
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  4. Love that top, it's so fun!! And yea, I have the same problem with jeans like that (or rips) they are always in strange places, ha ha

  5. You look lovely and so elegant c: Xx

  6. love love love your jeans and your necklace. i like how the jeans are a bit edgy/rockerish but you added a feminine touch with the necklace and shoes.


  7. I love the motto jeans! I need to get some asap.

  8. We're the same height so I know what you mean about moto pants fitting weird. But I think these look fab on you. And I love grid pieces too. Lovely top and gorgeous haircut, Mal.

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