Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shopping Guide // Desert Island (aka camping) Beauty

We are still waiting on some photos from Yosemite so we can finish up our Yosemite Travel Diary, but in the meantime we thought we would fill you in on our camping beauty essentials.  Keeping toiletries to a minimum is essential when camping, especially when you have to store them in the bear locker alongside all your food!

When you are doing an outdoorsy trip, make up is a no-go.  Too much time, too much sweat. We originally tried out the non-tinted version of this Clarins sunscreen and loved it. The consistency is very liquid-y, making it super easy to apply and keeps it from feeling slick or thick once it's on.  So, we were super happy to find it came out in a tinted version! The coverage is impressive (better than a lot of BB creams imho) while keeping your skin protected. Downside: it only comes in three shades :(

This is a little gross, but sometimes showering is not an everyday option while camping.  So, our next recommendations cover that front.  Hair powder/dry shampoo can refresh dirty hair, and facial wipes are useful for more than just your face!  Another tip for hair: braids and hats. Mal kept her hair in tight braids throughout the trip, and Whit alternated between buns, braids and hats.

Chapped lips suck, and if you want a little color for all those selfies on the top of the mountain...tinted lip balm.  This one requires no explanation.

You are guaranteed to get a little dirty/sweaty...so spray sunscreen is a godsend for reapplication without getting your hands dirty (especially important if you need to keep your hands clean for lumch on the trail).

Stay tuned for our Yosemite photos....they are coming!

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