Sunday, May 28, 2017


rainy weather style san francisco fashion bloggerrainy weather style san francisco fashion bloggerrainy weather style san francisco fashion bloggerrainy weather style san francisco fashion bloggerstyling over the knee suede bootssan francisco style blogger wearing filson field parka and over the knee bootsrainy weather style

On Whit: c/o Filson Field Parka, Madewell button-up checkered dress (old), Loeffler Randall Jos OTK boots, Soko earrings, Chloe Mini Kurtis, MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in 'So Me'

Ever since picking up rock climbing, I've become quite a dirtbag.  I gravitate toward clothing that is outdoorsy and comfortable.  The problem is that I usually end up looking like I'm going on a hike even when I'm not.  That's why I'm loving this Filson jacket.  While it can work for the outdoors, it works just as well when I'm walking around the city.  My favorite part about it is that it's water repellent.  It's perfect for foggy/rainy San Francisco. I feel invincible!


  1. Ooh yea, that jacket is perfect for everything. Love it with this dressier look!
    And great bag! Still saving up to get myself a regular sized Chloe Faye

  2. Such a perfect jacket! The whole look is super stylish too :D

  3. i love how comfy this looks,
    plus that bag! <3

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