Monday, November 18, 2019

Beret in Monterey

On Mal: Beret via Amazon, H&M Blazer, Theory Coat (via outlet, similar),  Levi's Ribcage Cropped Flare,  Aritzia Babaton Knit Crop Top (sold out, similar), Marni bag via TheRealReal, Everlane The Boss Mule

Photos by Tyler

Whoops -- long time, no post. Life has been moving fast for the both of us...between work, weddings, and new nieces and nephews, it has been hard to keep up with posting.We are ~slightly~ more active on Instagram, but want to get back to posting soon (or at least after Whitney's wedding...she has lot's of planning to do, and I still have a speech to write).

At any rate, the most important thing I have been up to is becoming that girl who wears berets. I wore it to work a couple times, and of course got teased by my coworkers -- one told me I just need to start carrying around an artist's palette. But I am not deterred...I like my outfits to be one accessory away from a halloween costume.


  1. Pfft yea, who cares what coworkers say! At my first job I used to get that too when I wore "crazy" stuff, haha (aka high heels....)
    This is such a cool look! I loooove that bag!