Thursday, January 31, 2013

black & white

DSC_1860 On Whitney: c/o This Is Relative dress (cute one here), Nike Dunk Sky Hi Wedge Sneakers, Zara jacket and purse

Lately I've been feeling uncomfortable dressed girly from h-to-t (avid antm fan here) so naturally I decided to throw on some sneakers, which were a Christmas gift from the boyfriend.  Thanks Edmond! :)


  1. LOVE that bomber jacket!!! (woohoo for antm references, haha) This is such a great combination of girly and edgy :)

  2. GREAT STYLE ; ]]

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  3. This is so stylish, I want to have the Zara jacket!!

  4. i love this outfit! the dress is gorgeous and the black adds great contrast and same for the sneakers. i cant pull off sneakers with a dress. i think id look weird! lol o well. you're rocking those shoes tho

  5. great jacket and dress!
    Lucia x

  6. I'm not a fan of the shoes to the dress, but the dress is really, really pretty!


  7. I love everything about this look

  8. Cool sneakers!

  9. simply chic with sporty touch, so adorable!
    love the super edgy bag & the jacket too

    have a nice day!

  10. Aw, this is a cute mix of feminine & cool with the dress and sneaker wedges!

    The Weekend Diary

  11. Black and white never fails. You look stunning.

    Fleur d'Elise

  12. Looking good Whitney!
    The black and white combination is so timeless and classic. I love that instead of keeping things simple and predictable, you went for a bit of an unusual twist by combining different elements together. Your white dress is too cute and such a lovely summer piece. It's crisp and clean and just so refreshing but pairs wonderfully with the sleek black jacket. Those funky wedge sneakers add just the right amount of masculine sportiness. It seems like you're lucky to have a boyfriend with some pretty good taste!
    Overall, I love the little parts that come together to make such a cool outfit that seems comfortable and not overly thought out.

    Though it seems like it's been years since I last saw an episode, I think I would have to call myself an ANTM fan as well! Whenever I get the time, I'll have to go back through and see what I've missed over these past few seasons :)

    Hope you have an awesome weekend girl! <3


  13. those sneakers look so cute with that dress. a perfect balance of girly-ness and the opposite!