Monday, December 2, 2013

1 Sheep, 2 Sheep

readytwowear, grand view park san francisco, san francisco fashion blog, san francisco style fuzzy sweater, furry, cagefighter, how to style fuzzy sweater, forever 21, nike frees, san francisco fashion blogIMG_1034.2 IMG_1051 IMG_1025.2 IMG_1067IMG_1128.2 IMG_1101.2 IMG_1097.2 IMG_1159.2 On Whit: Forever 21 sweater, Uniqlo jeggings, Nike Frees, c/o Juliett&Co necklace, Phillip Lim for Target purse, Ebay sunnies
On Mal: Forever 21 sweater, J. Crew white jeans, c/o Storets sneakers, Ebay necklace and sunnies, Coach clutch

Our most coordinated outfits yet: matching fuzzy sweaters and cat eye sunglasses.  Whit went with all black and Nike frees for a pop of color and Mal went with all white with gold accents and pink accents.

We are just a couple of sheep grazing in Grand View Park!


  1. You cuties!!
    The post title is so perfect, as are those fluffy sweater you guys are wearing. I'm trying to withhold my amazement with those furry things of beauty...they only thing that's missing is a cute little baby sheep (ewe? no, not ewww, I mean what you call a baby lamb!) for you guys to cuddle with. Then again, I suppose that would have been a little bit too close to cannabalism for anyone to bear so I guess it's a good thing that baby sheep aren't readily available. Anyway, back to the outfit.
    Aside from the fluffy goodness that is those delectable sweaters, I'm digging the streamlined color palettes of both of your outfits. I once read somewhere that keeping an outfit to only three colors is ideal--I think you guys nailed that! All black with a pop of pink and white mixed with gold and a touch of fuchsia both deserve "A's" in my book. Now before I forget, the combination of the cat eye sunglasses and the fuzzy sheep: catty sheep? Or is that just taking it a little too far?
    Whatever the case may be, I want that sweater! A trip to the nearest Forever 21 looks to be in my future... ;)

    The SEAREX

  2. Aw you two are so adorable in your coordinating outfits! Those fluffy sweaters look incredibly comfortable and I'm especially loving your matching super cool sunglasses.

  3. What pretty pictures! I love (both of) your fuzzy sweaters!! And you both look so stylish in sneakers!

    xo freshfizzle

  4. You guys both look so amazing! I love that your outfits are opposites :)
    I need a friend to coordinate with once in a while, ha ha

  5. You guys are adorbs! Followed <3


  6. pretty ladies !


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