Monday, September 22, 2014

White Tee

Photos by Rene
Editing by Tyler

I was oscillating between buying this shirt in black or white, when my friend pointed out that I should get black because I always wear white. This is a valid point, which I ignored. I'm not sure what it is, but there is just something about crisp, clean whites that I can't get enough of.  At the very least, I resisted the urge to wear this with my white jeans...if only because I have been dressing in all white a little too often lately.


  1. white tees are my ultimate loves !
    so simple yet so chic :)


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  2. Love that top! The lace detailing is so pretty! And I'm the opposite, I would have gone for the black because I prefer darker colors on me, ha ha. I try to wear white, but it just never works

  3. You look super cute ! Really nice necklace !


  4. Love the colors in this look. You really work the green hues so well :)
    And I totally agree with the idea of white being super fresh. It just brings light to outfits.

  5. love the style