Tuesday, June 16, 2015



On Mal: Madewell Quilted Drawstring (Currently on sale!), c/o Happiness Boutique Prosperity Statement Necklace, H&M Draped top (old), DIY distressed GAP Sexy Boyfriend jeans, Schutz Sandals (old), Pour la Victoire Crossbody

I wore this jacket while visiting family, and my dad asked why I was wearing a bedspread.  Ha ha, Dad.  Even if my dad doesn't get it, I love this jacket.  I bought it a couple weeks ago and have not stopped wearing it.  It is super comfortable (like a bedspread) and pretty warm as well.  The only thing is that I find it runs large.  The model on the website makes it look fitted...but I am wearing an extra small and it still has an oversized look. Obviously I am not model-height or anything, but usually I go for xs or s.  Anyone interested in purchasing the same, I would suggest checking in-store...I got an extra 20% off the marked price (which was $49), so it was a better deal than online!

Totoro is always keeping an eye out.


  1. I think you're a green jacket addict like me! Now I'm tempted to add this one!!

  2. so fine pics; >

    new post


  3. that totoro phone case is adorable!


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