Saturday, June 27, 2015

MacarOn Cafe

One of my favorite things about visiting France was the Patisseries.  Back in Berkeley, there are limited-to-no places to get macarons (anyone let me know if they have suggestions!).  So when MacarOn Cafe reached out for us to try their MacarOns, Obviously we were on board.  Continue reading for our review!

They shipped the small luxury box FedEx from NY, and it only took 2 days to arrive.  They ship it with cold packs to keep them as cool as possible, though by the time they arrived the cold packs were at the end of their line.

They came in this very cute and very feminine box.  Impressively, they all arrived intact!

We got dark chocolate, nutella, coconut, pistachio, apricot, and vanilla. The flavors were rich and luckily not overly sweet.  They were a bit more substantial than the light delicate macarons you might get fresh from a bakery, but that didn't detract from the taste!

Like most macarons, they run a bit pricey, but these would be a really cute gift to send someone. Who wouldn't love getting cookies in the mail?! Check out their whole selection on their site:

Disclaimer: MacarOn Cafe gifted this box to us. All photos and opinions are our own.


  1. so cute!! ;-)

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  2. Ahhh the pictures are gorgeous! Surprisingly, there are quite a few places in Seattle to get macarons!