Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving + Gift Giving with Uncommon Goods

Photos by Annie Hall

My brother's girlfriend Annie was shooting some pregnancy photos for my sisters (both are due around Valentine's Day!), so I decided to be an opportunist and get in some outfit photos.
Annie just purchased an amazing new lens and I really love how these turned out.  She also gave a lot of direction, which was a lot more helpful than Ty's directions: "Cross your legs over when you step, but go straight." How????

Let me tell you a funny story about this necklace.  I picked it out solely on the design (I am a big fan of art-deco style jewelry) and of course read nothing of the description.  When it arrived it had instructions on how to open and close it, and I was super confused.  I thought it actually functioned as portable tweezers or something haha. I was wrong...check out the description here.  Makes sense, considering the name :p

While your there, make sure to check out the whole site.  Uncommon Goods is a great place to find unique gifts (it is probably a major source for all those 'GIFT GUIDES FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE TO SHOP FOR' and '10 CLEVER PRODUCTS YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU NEEDED' lists that are always popping up on Buzzfeed.  I especially like that they have bios on the artists for the handmade pieces...makes each piece feel more special. Plus, you can Black Friday shop sans guilt, because even their seasonal workers make 50% above minimum wage.  As a former retail employee, I am definitely on board with that.

P.S. Sisters, I am getting this for you babies. Baby burritos!


  1. so cute!! ;-)


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  2. I love that dress! And the necklace is really fun too! Uncommon Goods has a lot of really unique pieces, I love the necklace I got from them

  3. Such a lovely look ! Very coat and bag !


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