Thursday, November 12, 2015

Berkeley Rose Garden with BB Dakota

On Whit:  c/o BB Dakota Giselle Sweater, Illesteva Boca (similar), Topshop Pineapple Shorts and Lace-up Flats (similar)

Photos by Jen Christo

After complaining about waiting for fall, we are quick to miss the sun we had when we shot these photos.  The weather was so perfect there were two other groups taking photos. 

We have been digging BB Dakota lately, so we were beyond excited when they sent us some of their new Fall pieces.  Mal doesn't normally gravitate towards trapeze dresses, but the bow in the back made this one special...feels a bit 1960s French or something. Oh, and of course in the same day as these photos, Whit managed to snag her sweater (typical).  Luckily, Mal had a snag nab-it handy! 


  1. Loving your looks! Whit's sweater is such a great color and I love the little bow on the back of the dress!
    Might need to get myself a snag-nab-it. My mom has one so if I ever need to fix a sweater I can ask her, but I snag them so often I should keep it in my purse! Ha ha

  2. Such cute outfits !

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  3. Ahh those lace up flats are super cute!!! BB Dakota has such pretty pieces!

    xx Shirley

  4. I have never even heard of a snag nab it before! I usually just weave any snags back in with a pencil or pen that I have handy.
    Also I really like both your looks here. Whit's sweater is in such a gorgeous color and Mal, you're rocking that trapeze silhouette! I'm also really into your bags, and I'm really loving the gold and gray combination :)

  5. I definitely need to invest in a snag nab it. Happens to me all the time! You gals look lovely and how have I never been to the Berkeley Rose Garden? It looks beautiful!

    xx freshfizzle