Monday, December 7, 2015

Pajameralls - Pop Preppy with Old Navy

How to Style a Jumpsuit
On Mal: c/o Old Navy Plaid Drawstring Jumpsuit, Zara Leather Jacket (old, similar here), c/o Juliet & co Taylor Necklace (sold out, love this one here!), c/o Public Desire Lace-up Karis flats

Photos by Rene

This jumpsuit might be the most comfortable item in my closet right now. I wore this over Thanksgiving and my mom was convinced I was in pajamas -___-.  At least my sisters mentioned that it made me look taller, which is a bit of a miracle - I am only 5'3 and this jumpsuit fits perfectly! I suspect it is supposed to fit at a cropped length, but it works as regular length on me. 

This time around I paired it with a leather jacket and a statement necklace to dress it up.  Nobody asked me this time if I was wearing PJs!

Shop the whole Pop Preppy collection here!


  1. Love that jumpsuit on you!! I may have to head over to Old Navy and try it on if it makes you look taller ;) Us shorties gotta get those pieces while we can.
    And that Zara leather jacket is gorgeous

  2. Ah I LOVE the way you styled this -- I would have struggled so much. The accessories are just perfect.

  3. Love the shoes so much ! Really cute look !

  4. So Pretty
    I really like the look!!!

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