Monday, March 28, 2016

Bold and Bright with Banana Republic

Photos by Ty
It is finally getting warm around here (I actually went out with only a sweater every day last week!), which means it is time to transition into lighter and more exciting Spring pieces.  So how convenient that Banana sent over these tops.  

Right off the bat, I want to say that the quality of these shirts is so much higher than I have been seeing from them recently, which makes me happy.  I know they had a bad year last year, so I am glad to see them ramping up the quality and the design again (as the CEO had promised).  I was browsing the site and they have some every cute tops this Spring...get a load of this suede number.  Banana is back!

The first top is stripes, so obviously I'm on board. It is basically a nicer version of all the striped tees I currently own. I do think that this top runs a little bit large in the shoulders (I am wearing a small) so I would suggest sizing down, or getting a petite if you are short like I am! 

The second was a little more out of my norm.  In case no one had noticed, I don't normally opt for bright colors.  However, I was surprised to find that I actually didn't mind the brightness once I put it on.  Plus, it matched my nearly-neon lipstick. 


  1. So good! The striped look is my favorite but the paisley top is so lovely too! And you wear the bandana so well, I feel like I would look dumb, haha! So jealous

  2. You look so cute, Mal! Especially love the striped top. Really exciting to see revamped Banana designs. Also YOUR CORGI. Heart eyes. Omg.

  3. fine pics= 0)))


  4. Great outfits, these make me wait for the warmer weather so badly ♥