Monday, March 14, 2016

Leopard Spots ft. Lacson Ravello

on Mal: c/o Lacson Ravello Explorer Parka Jacket (on sale!),  H&M Lace Up Top (available in store) and Skinny High Ankle Jeans, c/o Public Desire Karis Lace Up Flats

Photos by Rene

I was super excited when I first heard of Lacson Ravello, because the founder/designer Kristina Lacson McConnico is based in Oakland! Not only that, but everything in the line is produced locally. I went to visit her in her studio (which was conveniently close to my office so that Peanut and I could wander over there after work) and it was great to talk to her.  After working for so many huge brands based in SF, Kristina definitely knows how to design a great line.

I fell in love with this jacket because not only is the print awesome (I do love a good leopard), but the shape and the detailing is on point.  I am all about those leather reinforcements around the snaps.  Make sure to check out the latest Spring Line, and stay tuned to see how Whit styles the Azure Dress soon!


  1. YES!!!!! I love that jacket! The color is gorgeous and I am also a big leopard print fan! :D
    Can't wait to see how Whit styles her piece!

  2. so cute pics ; -))))

    i invite to me too

  3. loving the lace up top <3