Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bolinas Beach House


Photos by Rene

Just got back from spending the weekend at a friend's beach house in Bolinas.  Driving in was a little bit of a nightmare in a couple ways: 
1. I get nauseous as a passenger on windy roads
2. The fog over the hill made it feel like we were driving into a horror movie murder house (I actually really like scary movies).

It was pretty foggy and cold this morning too, but the sun actually came out around 2 so I got to enjoy some nice sun and a light hat-blowing breeze.  

Bolinas is such a funny town.  It is really small, and pretty isolated....gas was going for $4.65.  Being so small, everyone says hello when passing by down to the beach.  There is a used, un-manned bookstore that operates on the honor system (with a pricing suggestion guide) and the downtown area looks like a slice of Americana...think whitewashed 'general store' type buildings.  

If Stinson is too crowded for you, Bolinas is a more low-key alternative.  You should note, however, that the sand is not as soft!



  1. Nice outfit:) xx

  2. Ooh, that stinks about the ride, but sounds like a very interesting place! And I love this outfit, that top is lovely!

  3. Love the top and the photos are so gorgeous !


  4. such a cute top and hat!


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