Saturday, September 3, 2016

Deep V

 On Mal: Tobi Deep Emotions Crop Top, Mango Shorts (old), Soko Double Dash Choker and Rembo Cuff, Chloe Mini Faye Bag

If you haven't noticed on Instagram,  I have been wearing this top non-stop.

I am usually not one for deep Vs, but this one is cut perfectly (assuming you are smaller-chested).  I find the flare really flattering as well.  I like to wear it with high-waisted bottoms, like these over-size shorts, to keep it from looking too scandalous. 


  1. That top is amazing! I'm not usually one for deep vs on myself either but that does look like it covers nicely! And those shorts are awesome!

  2. so cute look ; -))))

    i invite to me too

  3. This is such a pretty looking. Also, that’s possibly the most attractive parking garage I’ve ever seen.

  4. Love the shorts and the chloe bag !


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