Thursday, September 22, 2016

Shopping Guide: The Hunt for the Best Dry Shampoo

Having a good hair day can make your whole day better.  So with that in mind, I (this is Mal, btw) have tried a bunch of dry shampoos, and have found that there is a huge range in what you get.  What I want from my dry shampoo is 1. Oil absorption (obviously) and 2. volume.  Whenever I sleep on my hair, it's bound to get flat, so something that can boost up the volume is a definite plus.

Here are my favorites:

1. Batiste: My favorite all-around.  I honestly did not immediately believe people when they raved about this one.  Because it is so cheap, I figured it was a good value, not necessarily the best.  However, after trying several dry shampoos, this is my favorite.  It doesn't give a huge amount of volume like some of the others, but it does a great job of making your hair feel clean without being powdery or sticky, and you cannot beat the price point.

2. Bumble and Bumble PrĂȘt-a-Powder: I am currently using this one.  I give this second place to Batiste because as a powder, I find it a bit harder to use.  It's kind of like a scalp seasoning. There is a tiny hole in the top of the bottle, and you shake the powder onto your roots and then distribute with your fingers.   This gives good volume without the stickiness, and I like the smell. It is on the pricier side, but I have heard that it lasts a long time (I have just started my first bottle, so cannot personally attest to that).

3. DryBar Detox Shampoo: This one wins for volume.  I used to use this one exclusively before I tried Batiste.  This one doesn't leave your hair as clean-feeling as Batiste or Perfect Hair Day (see below), and I think that is because the product is 'stiffer' to hold up your roots.  Even though I have brown hair, I would use the original formula, because I found that the brown color option would get on my clothes...which was gross. I still like to have this around when I need a root boost. I just wish they would get a better scent.

4.  Living Proof Perfect Hair Day: This one was considered really innovative when it came out.  Basically you spray it on, let it sit, and then brush it out once the oils have been soaked up. This one is a decent option, as long as you don't have curls or waves that brush out.  The formula does a good job of getting on every hair, which also means I couldn't just use my fingers to brush out/distribute.  I would have to use a brush to make sure I didn't end up with some coated white hairs.  If you have straight hair, I think this is great.  But if you have wavy hair, or curl your hair, this option is not as practical.

5. Dove Dry Shampoo: I really like the scent of this one.  I feel like this one is not as good at soaking up oil, so I end up using more, but I also have a LOT of hair.  It does make your hair feel fresh and clean, but doesn't give you volume.  From a pure dry shampoo standpoint, this one is a good option.

My least favorites:

Psssssst! The Original Dry Shampoo: This one is absolutely useless. I honestly cannot tell a difference of before and after I spray it on.  I might be more inclined to like it more if it at least smelled really good...

Dry Bar Triple Sec: I was eager to try this one because I loved the Detox Dry Shampoo's volume.  I thought this one would be even better....but no. This one is SO sticky.  I think if you hold it really far away from your head (like...have someone spray it on for you), then it could be okay, but for me it just made my hair clump together.

Klorane: tbh I tried this a long time ago, and have no specific memories about why I didn't like it...but I never went to buy it again, so even if it wasn't bad, it wasn't any great shakes, either.

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  1. I've always wanted to try Living Proof products, their packaging is so sleek and clean!
    Kathy x