Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bats and Birds

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On Whitney: vintage batman tee, zara pants, steve madden wedges, hm necklace, marc by marc jacobs bag
On Mallory: Zara top and pants, vintage coach satchel, hm choker, sam edelman heels

Today we each wore a favorite piece that we recently added to our wardrobe.  For Whit, it's the kids batman tee.  Batman is the most epic superhero!  For Mal, it's the h&m choker.  Who doesn't love giant rhinestones?


  1. I love Mallory's choker and Whitney's shirt! Both of you always have great outfits <3

  2. You guys have such awesome styles! It's so funky and unique.
    Love all the accessorizing too<3
    Vogue Villain

  3. Very beautiful outfits ~ ~ I have a suggestion for the flower girl pants, you should stand right, meaning that your back is straight, you look like humps and humpback. I do not mean bad, but when it comes to sport a good outfit stand well.

    Really beautiful both~~


    Sakuranko Blog
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  4. I am in love with Whit's mix of prints/graphics and both of you gals' accessories!


  5. Those are such a pretty outfits! I love both of them^^

    bookface page

  6. You guys both look absolutely lovely!
    There's so much to love in each of your outfits :)

    Mallory: That black peplum top looks amazing on you. You look so chic and slim and very ooohlala worthy!
    Your pants are so fun and pair beautifully with the sleek peplum top. Ooooh and that new rhinestone flower collar is tres gorgeous <3
    And please don't get me started on those shoes...I WANT them so badly! Wait, hold on a second, I NEED them so badly :)

    Whitney: Batman! He is so epic and awesome that I am majorly jealous of the fact that you have a shirt with him on it. I need to get myself one stat!
    Did you do something to your hair? Your bangs (did you cut them?) look really cute and flatter your face very well! I love that you made your Batman shirt more grown up and stylish with fun red pants, those awesome cheetah print wedges, and that neon H&M necklace. The combination of youthful fun and grown up elegance is a sight to behold!

    I hope you guys have an amazingly lovely Labor Day weekend!
    Enjoy this final weekend of summer <3

    The Ace of Hearts

  7. You both have such great style & I love your blog!
    wanna follow eachother?

  8. love both outfits <33 u both look gorj :)

  9. You guys are both so fabulously dressed everytime and for Whitney: mental high-five for sourcing superhero tees from the kids section - I do that too!

  10. Ahh you girls look beautiful~! I'm lovin' every single piece that you girls are wearing. Hope youre having a good labor day weekend! Following you on GFC and Bloglovin'. Visit my blog if you ever get the chance! =)


  11. amazing!! =) I love your shoes! :*
    Emma xx

  12. i love your blog and your style! mind to follow each other?

  13. Very cool Batman t shirt !!!

  14. cuter each time i visit.. love you two!

    xx, james

  15. love the leopard heels and the H&M necklace! so cute

    love from San Francisco,

  16. Gosh, you girls could get dressed in the dark and still look impeccably chic! I love the tee and the tropical print pants, looking gorgeous!

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

  17. BOTH PERFECT. The peplum, palm tree pants, necklaces! Love it all!


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