Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Urban Escape

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On Mallory: CottonOn tee, shorts via CrossroadsTopShop flats, h&m collar, Vintage Coach satchel
On Whitney: c/o Yoox tee, thrifted denim shorts, TopShop sandals, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, c/o BCBGeneration and ViX bracelets

Many of you are probably still wondering what "Wat" means in "WhitWatWear." It's short for Mal's last name.  Only people who know us personally would be able to understand it immediately. Our new name will be revealed very soon!


  1. Looove what Mallory's wearing! Xx

  2. I'm really loving the casual outfits you girls are rocking!
    They somehow just fit so perfectly with that horse-drawn carriage :)
    I for one am definitely looking forward to knowing what your new name is! When will you guys be unveiling it??
    Strangely enough, I actually did understand what the "Wat" meant in "WhitWatWear" even though I don't know either of you personally. I made the connection once I saw Mallory's Etsy page! Aren't I a smart cookie? Heehee

    Mallory: Ooooh those purple shorts are right up my alley! My favorite color paired with cute scallops and cool cut out details? Why yes, I would like them! I love that you paired such bright purple shorts with a simple white tee shirt and that lovely collar necklace for a nice hint of elegance. Overall, you look casual and cool but also very feminine and classy!

    Whitney: That shirt! I die. Seriously. The mustache is just killer. I really dig that your outfit is the typical casual outfit Whitney! A super fun T shirt, cute denim shorts, and some extremely glamorous and shiny gladiator sandals! Add to that some cute arm jewelry and a gorgeous bag and you're ready to rock and roll. Great job making the classic summer outfit a little dressier and less immature!

    I hope you guys have a lovely day! <3
    Looking forward to seeing your new blog name :)


  3. I just found the same vintage Coach satchel that Mallory is sporting! I can't wait to wear it and I love your purple shorts. :) Whitney, your top is super cute and I love your fringe like that! <3


  4. Love the colour of Mallory's shorts and Whitney, your shirt is so cute! Excited to hear what your new name will be (:

  5. Great outfits :) You both look beautiful! I'm following you now :)

  6. Lovely outfits. I like what you did with your hair in the first one, looks really good :)

  7. I'll missed the old name but I hope the new one is as cool as you. :-)

  8. That collar is hella cute on you, Mallory! And I'm sad you guys are changing your name, cuz it's so catchy. Admittedly, I never had a clue what the "Wat" meant in WhitWatWear.

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  9. Love your outfits! Whit, I love your shirt~~

    xx maggie

  10. Love the bright purple shorts! :)

  11. You guys are the best thrift finders!
    Both of you look great :)
    Hope New York was amazing! I wish we could've ran into each other :)
    Next time!
    Vogue Villain

  12. cute post! love the outfits! love the statement necklace! you both look lovely

  13. Very cute outfits!

  14. I can't wait to see your new name! Both your outfits are so cute as always!

  15. Very cute T-shirt, I like it! Your first outfit is also very nice!

  16. Your outfits are perfection! Love the collar and the mustache tee! You ladies were such an inspiration for us.


    Alex && Michaela