Sunday, September 6, 2015

Vested Interest

Photos by Rene

My mom is probably shaking her head at my midriff right now (sorry, Mom).  

Normally I don't go for full-price items at Anthro, but this vest is so worth it...especially considering it was a bday gift from my BF!  I love the fall color, and it is still lightweight enough to wear in the current heat. It is the perfect transitional piece.  I think it will be pretty versatile; it would look cute over a (striped) dress and I plan on wearing it with long sleeved tops once it gets colder.

P.s. Sorry for the post hiatus but I have been having wifi issues that I will refrain ranting about here.


  1. so pretty :-)

    new post

  2. Love the look so much ! the vest is super chic ! Very nice photos as well !


  3. Ooooh!! I loooove that vest! Such a great color. And you're covered up enough that the midriff is a nice little surprise, haha. I approve ;)

  4. That mossy green is so unique -- I love it. What a great gift to receive haha (happy belated!!!).
    It sure does seem super versatile, especially with the fall season around the corner!

  5. Love the wide brimmed hat! Really want to rock one of those soon.

    Mercedes Marie

  6. That grey hat really fits to you. You have a great sense of style. Could you inform me what is your women clothing wholesaler ?