Sunday, December 4, 2016

Layered Grays

celine caty sunglasses

Photos by Ty

Snapped these photos quickly over Thanksgiving.  Peanut was super distracted by all our neighbors and refused to look at the camera. Corgis are so nosy.

Like I said on instagram, my Mom immediately made fun of my glasses when I put them on.  She giggled because they are so big...but I have to say they are smaller than the ones she used to sport in the 80s! I will admit that I look a little high-maintenance, but when I saw them on sale + extra percent off, I couldn't resist.  If you ever want to get sale alerts for stuff we link, you can visit our shopstyle page here and set them up!


  1. Pfft, who cares if they're big, they look great! Loving the greys with the hints of brown

  2. I am all about wearing grey on top of grey haha
    Kathy x

  3. I love the look ! Especially the sunglasses !


  4. love the coat and the color of ur lipstick!